Monday, November 2, 2015

Why Not? ¿Por qué no?

This week we got the chance to go to two missionary conferences one of them on Wednesday with the mission president and the other on Saturday with the general authority Elder Walter F. Gonzalez. I have to say that after this conference I have an even stronger certainty that the Lord directs his work and he wants all of his children to be able to know him and know their place in the world. 
In the conference with Elder Gonzalez we talked a lot about how we can increase our faith as missionaries to be able to bring about the Lord´s plans. One thing that I've been thinking a lot about since Saturday is a question that the Elder asked: "why not?" It´s a pretty simple question and there are a lot of ways that it can be answered, but what I've been thinking most about is, "if the Lord has great plans for his children here then WHY would they NOT be fulfilled?" 
This isn't a complaint, great things are happening here in Parque Liceo, I see miracles every day of people who are learning more about their Father in heaven. I can see that the hand of God is in this work. This question is more of a motivation for me. It helps me think about the things that I am doing that keep the plans of God from coming to pass. How can I deliver this message better? How am I getting in the way of the investigator? How useful am I as an instrument of the Lord? 
The question "why not?" can be applied to all of us. We all need to ask "why not?", set goals that will stretch us, look for ways to improve, and exercise our faith in the Lord by doing everything possible to achieve the impossible. I know that the Lord has the power to make us better people. I know that as we try to see things the Savior sees them we´ll start doing the things that he does and we´ll end up being as he is.  

The picture is of me and my trainer Elder Sparks. I was able to see him again in the conference on Wednesday. He´ll be going home next transfer. 

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