Wednesday, October 26, 2016

here are some photos from our p-day today. a member took us out to a little pueblo about 45 minutes from the city of Catamarca to a house that he has there. it was super pretty there. my companion and i climbed up to a statue of Jesus on the hill. there was an amazing view from up there. on the way back from the pueblito the members car started to smoke. turns out that a tube broke open and was leaking water. so we ended up getting back late. so that is why i´m writing so late.  

also here´s a photo of a miracle baptism that we were able to help in on Saturday. the man being baptized is Oscar Chayle and his grandson was able to baptize him. Oscar Chayle, nickname coco has investigated the church for many years. many of the members of his family are members of the church, his wife was baptized last year. he finally decided that it was time for him to also join the church. in our first lesson with him he asked us directly, elders i want to be baptized, what do I have to do? Elder Velaztiqui and i didn't have to do much to prepare him because he had heard many discussions and attends church about 2 times every month. it really was a miracle baptism. a miracle that his family has been awaiting for many years.


yesterday for the first time in about a month that I've been here in Catamarca it finally rained. it was nothing too intense, but it was very welcome and long-awaited. the weather today is also pretty fresh. i hope it stays like this for a while. 
this Sunday was mothers day here in Argentina so happy 2nd mothers day to the moms back home! one of the mothers in our ward, maria, received her mothers day gift on Sunday with the baptism of her son Dimitrio. it was a very special baptism. Dimitrio is about our age and is super cool. i hope he serves a mission. 
these past two weeks my comp and i were trying to get to know the members of our ward better so that we can work better with them. i think that this has really helped me work with more dedication because now i know who i´m working for and who i´m helping. 

i hope everyone is doing great!

elder lulich

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hey all
Here are some pics of sunday and p-day.
Pic 1- this is the Ramos family. The kids were baptized about a year ago and now we´re working with the parents so they can get married. 

Pic2 -4 our area is inside of the city, we hardly ever walk down a dirt road, but just outside of the city is a desert with huge cactus, cow skulls and... the mocking jay!

Have a great week! 
Elder Lulich