Monday, February 29, 2016

MMM.. que palaaabrita.
Sorry that it's been a while since I've written. I think it may have already been 2 weeks. Well there's a lot that has happened in that time. I think that the most interesting piece of news is that our investigator Nelson got baptized. Wait who´s Nelson? He´s one of the investigators that we invited to be baptized a few weeks ago. He progressed super quickly. He really is a testimony to me that the Lord is preparing people to accept this message. In the first week of this month we met Nelson as he was out for a run. He actually started to talk to us and asked if we could go by his house to talk with him about God. We went by later that week and in the first visit invited him to be baptized and he accepted. Nelson just kept progressing rapidly from that point; reading the Book of Mormon and basically everything else that we gave him. Nelson also loved being in the church, he even came to clean the church the Saturday before his baptism, just because he knew that being there would bring him blessings. Nelson is an example to me that this gospel makes people happy. When we exercise our faith in the word of the Lord and do what his gospel requires we will be greatly blessed. 
And apart from this I'm doing great. We got completely soaked in a torrential storm on Wednesday. One of those storms that fills up the streets. But luckily the rain was lukewarm. I kind of enjoy the storms here, there´s lots of lightning. 
But anyway have a great week! 

Elder Lulich
(explanation of subject: a nelson quote. My English translation would be "ooo... that word though")
I've been great! I've been getting sunburned these past few days from playing soccer. Saturday morning we played with the youth from the ward and Nelson, an investigator that will be baptized this week (woohoo)! Also today we played with the elder´s after our choir practice. I think my handling skills are getting a lot better. And that´s right mom, choir practice! The mission is getting together a choir to sing for Easter. Right when I heard about it I signed up. We'll be singing at the end of march. We had our first practice yesterday. It felt pretty good to sing in a choir again, it's been a while since the last time I held sheet music in my hands. Also my companion and I will be helping out with the stake choir for stake conference. So I've been getting quite a few opportunities to use my talents now. And it sure helps that my companion is musical too. You guys should hear how he plays piano. He can just sit down at any piano and bust out some improvised jazz song. It´s pretty awesome. Maybe one day I´ll be like that with the guitar... nah. 

I love you all, 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Note: Just so you know that phrase that was the title of last week´s letter "this guy´s a crack up" is said a lot in New Zealand. It was not a result of my bad grammar.  
This week was great. Elder Fantham and I had the opportunity to invite several people to be baptized. The baptismal invitation is always a key part of what we do as missionaries. Without the baptismal invitation and other commitments that we extend we would just be innefective teachers that tell people words that they can find in from other sources. Our objective isn´t that the people learn more about Christ, but rather that they learn more about Christ and though their ACTIONS draw closer to him. That´s why we always are inviting people to improve, to do more, to do things differently, because they only can build their faith in Christ through action on his word. 

Have a great week. 

 Me and my companion with Lucas Requena. A member who will soon be headed off to Brasil on his mission.

Monday, February 1, 2016

This week was spectacular. My new companion Elder Fantham set foot in C√≥rdoba for the first time on Tuesday. And who would have guessed that he´s from New Zealand. That´s right; he's not Latino, he´s not from the united states, he´s a kiwi (that´s what he told me is the nickname for people from New Zealand). I thought that it would be hard to train someone who´s native language is English, but it is surprisingly easy, especially with a companion like Elder Fantham. He knows why he´s here and is willing to do what he´s been called to do. He has no problem testifying of what he knows to be true and he already speaks and understands Spanish fairly well. He is a great missionary.
This Saturday we were able to have some great lessons. I don't have much time to explain how they went, but I´ll just say that it is amazing to see how quickly I can grow to love and to want to help these people. I love the moment when I am listening to someone talk about their life and I just think," wow I know exactly what you need, it´s the gospel of Jesus Christ."
I testify that the gospel is for all people.
Have a great week