Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey guys I had a good week. Me and Elder Mendoza worked and walked a
ton. I've written this message three times now but every time I send
it the computer freaks out so I´m not going to write as much this
I´m really loving the work here. What I've learned this past week is
that the the more you give the more you get. My companion is such a
good example to me. He works so hard to be a good missionary. And I
can tell that he loves this work.
I love you all and miss you.


Monday, April 20, 2015

So today marks the beginning of a new transfer for me. This morning my trainer Elder Sparks left for another area and I got a new companion named Elder Mendoza. Elder Mendoza is from Peru and for the 4 or so hours that I've been with him he seems pretty cool. Elder Mendoza only speaks Spanish so I´m going to be speaking Spanish 24 hrs a day now. Before with Elder Sparks we were both gringos so we could speak in English with one another when we were by ourselves, but there´s going to be no more of that for me.
 I can already tell that these next weeks are going to be way different than what I have gotten used to. With a new missionary here comes a different working and teaching style that I´m going to be able to learn from. 
I've got to say that I am pretty nervous to have to introduce this more experienced missionary to my area. But this is a good opportunity for me because it gives me a chance to really see and evaluate what I've been doing in this area. It feels so weird now that I don´t have my trainer with me. It´s like I´m swimming without those little water wing things for the first time.

This past week we had 150 people in the chapel. That´s a record for our ward. It was pretty great to see all the families there. Some that I had never seen before. I attribute this record wholly to the new temple. Everyone is so excited now that the open house has begun. The special spirit of the temple extends beyond its beautiful walls and it is wonderful. 

An Argentine beso for you all 

Monday, April 13, 2015

I didn´t really realize it until this week, but I´m pretty darn lucky. I´m serving in a mission that will soon have the second temple of Argentina. That´s right, only two temples in the whole country, and I´m in the same area as one of them.

This sunday in church the members of the ward shared their testimonies about the temple. A few of them had the oppurtunity to take a special tour of the temple before the open house. I was amazed to see how grateful they all were for the blessing of the temple. Now that they have the temple close these members have the opportunity to perform ordinances for themselves and for their deceased family members; ordinances that will make it possible for them to draw closer to their Heavenly Father and live together forever as families. 

This next week we´ll have the opportuity to go to the temple open house with investigators and I have to say that I´m pretty stoked to visit the temple again. 

Ciao hasta luego

Monday, April 6, 2015

This past weekend I got to experience general conference in a different way than I ever have before. First of all it was all translated into Spanish, but it´s pretty regular for me at this point to hear everything in Spanish. What was even better was that I could see how the talks could help my investigators lives. One thing about Argentina is that not many people get married, they just start families. All of the talks during the saturday sessions about the family and the importance of marraige really helped me strengthen my testimony of these things and help me teach them more effectively. The way that the general authorities explained gospel topics gave me a good example for how to teach other people. The general authorities really are called of God. I encourage everyone to read and study the words of the conference talks, there is a lot that can be learned. The words of these messengers of God really can bring people closer to Christ if they strive to apply their teachings.

Elder Lulich