Monday, April 20, 2015

New Companion: Elder Mendoza

So today marks the beginning of a new transfer for me. This morning my trainer Elder Sparks left for another area and I got a new companion named Elder Mendoza. Elder Mendoza is from Peru and for the 4 or so hours that I've been with him he seems pretty cool. Elder Mendoza only speaks Spanish so I´m going to be speaking Spanish 24 hrs a day now. Before with Elder Sparks we were both gringos so we could speak in English with one another when we were by ourselves, but there´s going to be no more of that for me.
 I can already tell that these next weeks are going to be way different than what I have gotten used to. With a new missionary here comes a different working and teaching style that I´m going to be able to learn from.
I've got to say that I am pretty nervous to have to introduce this more experienced missionary to my area. But this is a good opportunity for me because it gives me a chance to really see and evaluate what I've been doing in this area. It feels so weird now that I don´t have my trainer with me. It´s like I´m swimming without those little water wing things for the first time.

This past week we had 150 people in the chapel. That´s a record for our ward. It was pretty great to see all the families there. Some that I had never seen before. I attribute this record wholly to the new temple. Everyone is so excited now that the open house has begun. The special spirit of the temple extends beyond its beautiful walls and it is wonderful. 

An Argentine beso for you all 

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