Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This week was tough. The majority of our appointments failed on us so my companion and I spent a lot of time in the street. For example Thursday was all planned out; we knew exactly what we were going to do the whole day. Every hour we had set up an opportunity to teach an investigator or a less active member. But every time we passed by a house the people told us that they were suddenly busy or that something had come up and they couldn't attend to us. 
The whole day was not a waste though. One of our plans at the end of the day actually was fulfilled. The Lord really provided in this opportunity. Not only were we able to  teach a less active member as we had planned, but we were also able to begin to teach her non-member brother, thus finding a new investigator. 
I really do love this area of the mission and the members and investigators that I get to interact with. Although many days are difficult, I know that this is the Lord´s work and that he wants me to succeed.

                                                        My pen leaked in my pocket. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

This week has been pretty great. There have been some high and low points. But it ended with the cultural event and the dedication of the temple. 

Wednesday we had a zone conference and got the chance to listen to President Alliaud speak. Our mission president is an inspired man. He spoke about many things, bu the part I liked the most was when he was talking about the natural man vs. the spiritual man. He said that all of us as human beings have two forces fighting inside of us, carnal and spiritual. Every time we give in to our natural desires to be lazy, or rebel, or get angry, or whatever the temptation may be we become more worldly and our spiritual side is weakened. But when we listen to the spiritual guidance of our heavenly father and choose to do things his way we become more spiritual, more heavenly. President told us that our salvation is determined by whether we can dominate the natural side of our self.

On Thursday my companion and I had a pretty terrible day. We weren't able to enter a single house until 6 in the afternoon. And then when we did enter that house we taught a lesson that was just bad. 

On Saturday I got to give my first blessing in Spanish! It was a little scary, but I got through it well. Later we got to go to the cultural event for the temple. All of the youth ages 12 to 18 from Cordoba performed the many traditional dances of Argentina to celebrate the dedication of the temple. It was pretty much the closest thing to a concert that I´m going to get on my mission so i really enjoyed myself. 

Then on Sunday came the dedication. It has been so neat to see how the temple has affected the members here. And now they have the chance to enter! 

 Well that's mas o menos what happened this week in Cordoba Argentina. Hope you all are doing well wherever you are found on the globe.

Some missionary painted the first vison! 

 Here's a picture of our zone conference. See if you can find me. It will be like where´s waldo.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Well yesterday was mother´s day and we got to talk to our families so that was pretty awesome. I must say that I miss those guys. But don´t worry, I´m not moping around staring at pictures of my family just yet.
This week one of our investigators got baptized. WOOP WOOP! This girl is the girlfriend of a less active member. It´s been really cool seeing that as she has come to know the gospel, her boyfriend has also become active in the church. Now that she is baptized, they just got to get married and keep on helping one another out. I have the faith that they can do it!
On tuesday we did exchanges within the zone and I got to stay in my area. I always get nervous to be in exchanges because I feel like I have to show off my area and I don´t want to let my companion for the day down. This exchange went pretty well. One of the plans for the day was to contact a less active sister in the ward. I had never met this member so I didn´t really know what to expect. We ended up finding the non-member husband outside the house. While we were talking to him he told us that he had gone to the temple open house with his wife. We asked him how he liked it and he told us a pretty cool story. During his temple tour there was a part where the guides invited everyone to be silent and say a personal prayer. He said that he prayed to be able to buy a car that he had been trying to get for a long time. Apparently there were only like 50 of these cars in all of Argentina and his friend had one, but wasn´t going to sell it. But he said his prayer and among other things asked God to help him get this car. And, what do you know, about two days later he was able to buy the car! So when we came by to talk to him he told us that since God had kept up his part of the promise he was going to fulfill his and recieve the missionary lessons. We've already been able to go back a second time to his house and taught the first lesson. We´ll see where it goes from here! 
But all in all things are great here. I´m getting along well with my companion (most of the time). And I´m starting to really love the members of this ward. I actually wouldn't mind too much if I had to stay a while longer in this ward.

I hope you all told your mother´s you love them yesterday. And I hope you showjust how much you love them today! 

Elder Lulich

We went to a giant park in the middle of the city today for p day. it reminded me of the Golden Gate Bridge park in SanFrancisco

Monday, May 4, 2015

I got to teach an English class this Saturday. There is one other gringo elder in this area and we set up a basic English. This Saturday it was mostly members with some of our investigators, but we encouraged the members to bring their nonmember friends. The class was a lot of fun. 
We finally went to the temple this week. We went with an investigator of ours. I think that she really enjoyed it. After we ended the tour she said something that I thought was pretty cool. She said that everyone should try to make their bodies a house of a pure spirit, just like the Temple is the house of the Lord. I´m sure that she recognized the sacredness of the temple and recognized how important it is to us as latter-day saints.

Love you all!

Here´s our little English class. 

  Here´s a picture of me and Elder Mendoza and our investigator at the temple. It was so nice to be in a temple again. It felt like home.