Monday, May 4, 2015

Taking an Investigator to the Temple

I got to teach an English class this Saturday. There is one other gringo elder in this area and we set up a basic English. This Saturday it was mostly members with some of our investigators, but we encouraged the members to bring their nonmember friends. The class was a lot of fun. 
We finally went to the temple this week. We went with an investigator of ours. I think that she really enjoyed it. After we ended the tour she said something that I thought was pretty cool. She said that everyone should try to make their bodies a house of a pure spirit, just like the Temple is the house of the Lord. I´m sure that she recognized the sacredness of the temple and recognized how important it is to us as latter-day saints.

Love you all!

Here´s our little English class. 

  Here´s a picture of me and Elder Mendoza and our investigator at the temple. It was so nice to be in a temple again. It felt like home.

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