Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Lord Provides

This week was tough. The majority of our appointments failed on us so my companion and I spent a lot of time in the street. For example Thursday was all planned out; we knew exactly what we were going to do the whole day. Every hour we had set up an opportunity to teach an investigator or a less active member. But every time we passed by a house the people told us that they were suddenly busy or that something had come up and they couldn't attend to us. 
The whole day was not a waste though. One of our plans at the end of the day actually was fulfilled. The Lord really provided in this opportunity. Not only were we able to  teach a less active member as we had planned, but we were also able to begin to teach her non-member brother, thus finding a new investigator. 
I really do love this area of the mission and the members and investigators that I get to interact with. Although many days are difficult, I know that this is the Lord´s work and that he wants me to succeed.

                                                        My pen leaked in my pocket. 

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