Monday, May 18, 2015

Cultural Event and Temple Dedication

This week has been pretty great. There have been some high and low points. But it ended with the cultural event and the dedication of the temple. 

Wednesday we had a zone conference and got the chance to listen to President Alliaud speak. Our mission president is an inspired man. He spoke about many things, bu the part I liked the most was when he was talking about the natural man vs. the spiritual man. He said that all of us as human beings have two forces fighting inside of us, carnal and spiritual. Every time we give in to our natural desires to be lazy, or rebel, or get angry, or whatever the temptation may be we become more worldly and our spiritual side is weakened. But when we listen to the spiritual guidance of our heavenly father and choose to do things his way we become more spiritual, more heavenly. President told us that our salvation is determined by whether we can dominate the natural side of our self.

On Thursday my companion and I had a pretty terrible day. We weren't able to enter a single house until 6 in the afternoon. And then when we did enter that house we taught a lesson that was just bad. 

On Saturday I got to give my first blessing in Spanish! It was a little scary, but I got through it well. Later we got to go to the cultural event for the temple. All of the youth ages 12 to 18 from Cordoba performed the many traditional dances of Argentina to celebrate the dedication of the temple. It was pretty much the closest thing to a concert that I´m going to get on my mission so i really enjoyed myself. 

Then on Sunday came the dedication. It has been so neat to see how the temple has affected the members here. And now they have the chance to enter! 

 Well that's mas o menos what happened this week in Cordoba Argentina. Hope you all are doing well wherever you are found on the globe.

Some missionary painted the first vison! 

 Here's a picture of our zone conference. See if you can find me. It will be like where´s waldo.

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