Thursday, April 28, 2016

This week was quite nice. On Tuesday we were able to go to the temple as a district. On Wednesday we had interviews with President Alliaud and the assistants. On Friday we had the privilege to go with the other missionaries of the zone and participate in a stake priesthood training from Elder ViƱas of the area presidency. On Sunday I was overjoyed when I was able to see Ronan and Rocio again for the first time in about 10 months. (Rocio was the first person I was able to baptize in my mission in Santa Isabel). They spoke in the stake conference about how they are preparing to be sealed in the temple in May. It was really special to be able to hear Rocio share her testimony to the members of the stake and see how converted she is to this gospel. I know that her and Ronan have worked super hard to get this far and I could definitely see how happy they are for it.
I like to share a line that I heard yesterday at church from one of the speakers. She said, "true happiness comes from this gospel and there is no other way that we can be happy outside of this gospel". I have seen the truth of this statement more and more in this week. I know that happiness is found in living the principles of this gospel which were established by our Father in Heaven. We don´t have to wonder how or where we can find happiness because God has that all set out for us. We just have to have the faith to walk in the strait and narrow path that he set out for us and we can always, always be joyful. 

Have a great week, 
Elder Lulich

 Elder Aniel and I on our  walk in the rain today to visit an old chapel here in Alta Gracia

 Me with Ronan and Rocio. So happy 

The Chapel. I was freezing in this photo.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Thank you for your example. Thank you for everything you've given me! 
I love you ,

Monday, April 18, 2016

This week I had the chance to do two exchanges. One on tuesday with Elder Barahona and one wednesday and thursday with my old companion Elder Garret who is now my zone leader. I learned a lot from the two intercambios like how to stay animated and make the best out of every situation. I´ve always noticed that intercambios bring out the best in missionaries. They are great opportunities to teach and learn. 
Just a little story from the week:
In Anizacate, Elder Barahona´s area we had the unique opportunity to help a member get his truck unstuck from the mud. He had come with his family to accompany us in a visit to an investigator and on the way back home his truck got stuck on the side of a muddy road. It had been rainy and overcast for about a week so the roads (and the missionaries) were covered in mud. After trying several times to dig the truck out and failing, the member´s daughter suggested that we say a prayer. We all ageed and the 7 year old offered a thoughtful prayer. In the next attempt the truck was able to get back onto the firm part of the road and continue on. Perhaps the truck would have gotten out regardless of the prayer, perhaps not. What´s important is the faith that the daughter showed in giving the prayer. God wants us to recognize that we need his help and have the faith to ask for that help. When we demonstrate our faith, then He can enter in and give a hand.

Hope you all have a great week!    
Elder Lulich

Pic: La zona bautisur. I've got two ex-comps in this zone. Elder Garret and Elder Aniel 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Things are going well here in Alta Gracia. This week we were able to use the bikes. And even though they broke down on us by the end on the week, I really loved it. I take back what I thought about the hills, I prefer having a bike above anything else, it makes work so much easier here.
Right now we are working with several different families. One of them is progressing quite well. The husband, Aldo, is working to give up smoking and I really love something that he said this week. He has smoked for 13 years and during all those 13 years his wife Marisel has told him that he needed to quit. This week he told us that he has tried to stop smoking many times, but this time is different, this time he is not just doing it because Marisel is telling him to, this time he´s actually putting in his own will. I know that the Lord is also helping him feel the importance of quitting smoking and blessing his efforts to do so.  

Today for p-day we went as a zone to a riverside park that a member of the stake owns. I was super surprised when I got there to see that the Uran-Ponce family were the "members" and the ones hosting us all. Carolina Ponce and Pablo Uran were members in Santa Isabel when I started the mission. They would give us dinner every Sunday. I remember spending many special times in their home. In the 8 months since I left Santa Isabel they moved out to the country, Carolina and Pablo were able to be married after a long wait, and Pablo was baptized (also after a long wait). It was so nice to see them again and see them so happy in their new home. Pablo told me that the tie that I gave to him before I left was the tie that he wore in his wedding.   

Write y´all next week. Hope you have a good one. Prayers from Argentina! 

 Me with my  tag turned around

Elder Mccleve and I

Luciano, one of the kids of Carolina and Pablo

Some of the things that I do as a district leader are give training's every Wednesday. I go on exchanges with the Elders to see how they are doing and how the work in the area is moving along. I also get to do baptismal interviews of the converts of the district. I´m pretty excited for that, a few elders have told me that it is a really neat experience. And that´s about it. something that president said in the new district leader training is that humility will be key in being a district leader and I've really seen that. Giving training's and advice to other missionaries really has helped me develop my humility and has helped me see even better that callings, both inside and outside the mission, are just an opportunity to serve the children of God in different ways and in different dimensions.

I love you all,

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This first week in Alta Gracia was great. Alta Gracia is a beautiful city about 30 minutes outside of the capital. It´s a bike area, but this week we just got around walking because the bikes needed  to be repaired, and I´m alright with that because this area has a lot of hills. My new companion Elder McCleve has been introducing me to the area this week. He is from California and has about 8 months in the mission. He´s pretty funny, and always has a lot of energy. And he plays the guitar like a champ. 
I am really looking forward to working in this area. The members that i have met until now are super nice and I can tell that they treat their missionaries very well. This week one of the members of the ward introduced us to a part-member family. The mother told us that she was baptized 47 years ago and that almost all of her children were also baptized. We were able to talk with her and with one of her daughters and her boyfriend. The couple had just had their first child about 10 days earlier and we had the chance to talk with them a little bit about eternal families and invite them to conference. On Sunday we were very happy to be there with the couple and the mom there in the church watching conference. I hope this new family is able to progress well. 
And conference was spectacular. This time around I tried more than ever to apply the talks to me and my present situation. For example when I heard Elder Ballard speaking about the importance of family councils I thought of my new position as district leader and how I needed to have councils like the ones he spoke of with the missionaries in my district. Applying the talks like that really helped me pay attention and get a lot more out of what was said.

Have a good one! take care! 
Elder Lulich