Monday, April 18, 2016

This week I had the chance to do two exchanges. One on tuesday with Elder Barahona and one wednesday and thursday with my old companion Elder Garret who is now my zone leader. I learned a lot from the two intercambios like how to stay animated and make the best out of every situation. I´ve always noticed that intercambios bring out the best in missionaries. They are great opportunities to teach and learn. 
Just a little story from the week:
In Anizacate, Elder Barahona´s area we had the unique opportunity to help a member get his truck unstuck from the mud. He had come with his family to accompany us in a visit to an investigator and on the way back home his truck got stuck on the side of a muddy road. It had been rainy and overcast for about a week so the roads (and the missionaries) were covered in mud. After trying several times to dig the truck out and failing, the member´s daughter suggested that we say a prayer. We all ageed and the 7 year old offered a thoughtful prayer. In the next attempt the truck was able to get back onto the firm part of the road and continue on. Perhaps the truck would have gotten out regardless of the prayer, perhaps not. What´s important is the faith that the daughter showed in giving the prayer. God wants us to recognize that we need his help and have the faith to ask for that help. When we demonstrate our faith, then He can enter in and give a hand.

Hope you all have a great week!    
Elder Lulich

Pic: La zona bautisur. I've got two ex-comps in this zone. Elder Garret and Elder Aniel 

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