Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Things are going well here in Alta Gracia. This week we were able to use the bikes. And even though they broke down on us by the end on the week, I really loved it. I take back what I thought about the hills, I prefer having a bike above anything else, it makes work so much easier here.
Right now we are working with several different families. One of them is progressing quite well. The husband, Aldo, is working to give up smoking and I really love something that he said this week. He has smoked for 13 years and during all those 13 years his wife Marisel has told him that he needed to quit. This week he told us that he has tried to stop smoking many times, but this time is different, this time he is not just doing it because Marisel is telling him to, this time he´s actually putting in his own will. I know that the Lord is also helping him feel the importance of quitting smoking and blessing his efforts to do so.  

Today for p-day we went as a zone to a riverside park that a member of the stake owns. I was super surprised when I got there to see that the Uran-Ponce family were the "members" and the ones hosting us all. Carolina Ponce and Pablo Uran were members in Santa Isabel when I started the mission. They would give us dinner every Sunday. I remember spending many special times in their home. In the 8 months since I left Santa Isabel they moved out to the country, Carolina and Pablo were able to be married after a long wait, and Pablo was baptized (also after a long wait). It was so nice to see them again and see them so happy in their new home. Pablo told me that the tie that I gave to him before I left was the tie that he wore in his wedding.   

Write y´all next week. Hope you have a good one. Prayers from Argentina! 

 Me with my  tag turned around

Elder Mccleve and I

Luciano, one of the kids of Carolina and Pablo

Some of the things that I do as a district leader are give training's every Wednesday. I go on exchanges with the Elders to see how they are doing and how the work in the area is moving along. I also get to do baptismal interviews of the converts of the district. I´m pretty excited for that, a few elders have told me that it is a really neat experience. And that´s about it. something that president said in the new district leader training is that humility will be key in being a district leader and I've really seen that. Giving training's and advice to other missionaries really has helped me develop my humility and has helped me see even better that callings, both inside and outside the mission, are just an opportunity to serve the children of God in different ways and in different dimensions.

I love you all,

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