Friday, January 13, 2017

This week Elder Jones and I worked our tails off and we also did something that I´ve never done in my mission. Every single morning we got up and ran. I think our hard work paid off because we were able to meet some great new investigators and a few of them came to church. Miracles! 
On Sunday, Abigail the oldest daughter of Jesus was baptized. I was hoping that Jesus would choose to baptize his daughter, but he was a little nervous so Elder Jones performed the baptism. He´ll be able to baptize his youngest daughter Zaira in a year though I´m sure by then he´ll feel ready. And once again... I flooded the church, but it wasn't as bad this time.
Well this is the last week I have here in Argentina. I still can´t really comprehend that my time is coming to an end. I really love being a missionary. I love seeing how people can change their lives when they find the truth. I know that what I have taught the people here is true, that the church of Jesus Christ was lost, but has been restored by God in our modern days through his chosen prophet Joseph Smith. And along with the restoration of Christ´s church came the restoration of the authority, the miracles, the ordinances, the prophets, and the living faith that existed in the times when the Savior walked upon the earth. I know that each and every one of us is loved by God and all of His blessings including eternal life are real and within reach of those willing to search for them. During these two years I helped people like this, "willing people" to activate their faith in Christ and live his saving doctrine of repentance, baptism and faithfulness to the end. 
This has definitely been the most beautiful experience I've ever had. I´m going to be leaving part of my heart here in Argentina. If anyone at home wants to hear about what it was like here I'll be happy to share with them, Although it would be almost impossible to describe exactly what it´s been like. Also if anyone wants to know about about what I believe and why I came here to Argentina feel free to ask me, or talk to the missionaries next time you see them, or click here

Love you all,
Elder Lulich

 The Zone

 Jesus with his daughters Abigail, Zaira, and Valentina
 Abigail in white

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

This whole week we did not have electricity in our apartment. Last Sunday, as a Christmas gift, a semi truck carrying coca cola knocked our connection to the power lines down. The whole week we were trying to get the electricity company to come and get things fixed. In the meanwhile we were getting by with just a little extension cord from the neighbor and we had to choose what to plug in and use. It wasn't until yesterday that they were able to come and hook us back up. So now I can wash my clothes, put things in the fridge, use the air conditioner, turn on the lights, and use and iron all at the same time. I am so very grateful for electricity. What a smart invention. 

Some other highlights of the week were:
-On Wednesday we went to a daycare for kids in difficult situations and played and sang with them for a few hours. It was a lot of fun and kind of exhausting

-I got to play basketball with a group of christian boxers that my comp and I have been teaching. We played north Americans versus Argentine's and we won twice but then they beat us in the last game. They were pretty happy about that.

-New years eve we decided to share an asado with the pizarro family. It was a lot of fun and right at midnight the skyline lit up with fireworks.

In sacrament meeting this sunday I realized that I only have like a handful of days left here. It is the strangest thought. But I am determined to make these last days the best they can be. I am determined to work with all the time that the Lord gave me. I know that this is his work, and I know that it is a work of miracles. I also know that miracles do not come passively or by chance, but rather the Lord always requires our faith and our righteous actions. I hope to see many miracles in these last few days.

Love you all, have a great week
Elder Lulich

the Pizarro family on new years eve. (My comp doing the dab)

 The zone with the little kids

It´s good to hear that everyone´s doing great. It´s also nice to see the pictures of the snow. It makes me feel a little cooler here. 
Here's a picture of me here in the cyber cafe as I write. Pretty darn hot. 

I love you guys, thanks for always encouraging me to work.   
Yesterday I found out something quite tragic. We hadn't heard much from Carlos Palacios since he was baptized on November 30th. Remember how I said that he was super sick the day of his baptism? Well he didn't make it to church that Sunday to be confirmed because he hadn't gotten better and was confined to his bed. Before the next week his family from the providence next to us, Tucuman, took him over there to take care of him. We tried to keep in contact with him, but after a while the phone just didn't get answered. Yesterday we went by his house to see if he had returned. His friend answered the door and when I asked if Carlos was home he gave me the bad news that Carlos had passed away on the 19th. Apparently he had been suffering from a kidney infection. 
I am super sad to hear that Carlos has passed on. Even though I only knew him for a little over a month I got to see that he was a great person. He lived alone and far away from the rest of his family, but he always had friends in his house. He was always helping others. We once brought the children of an someone we were teaching to church and Carlos met them there. The kids were from a very humble family. Later Carlos got together a big bag of clothes that were the kids sizes and gave it to us to take to them. He really worried about others.  

here is a scripture that really brings me peace right now 
 "Now, concerning the state of the soul between death and the resurrection—Behold, it has been made known unto me by an angel, that the spirits of all men, as soon as they are departed from this mortal body... are taken home to that God who gave them life.

Like I said I didn't get to know Carlos perfectly, but i know that right now he is not suffering any pain. i know that he did not just disappear, but he´s just in another place, probably listening to the missionaries over there too. It´s sad to know that i can´t visit him for a while, but I´m sure I´ll be able to see Carlos again. 

I´m so grateful for God´s perfect plan. He doesn't forget about a single one of His children. No good thing that we do here in our lives goes unseen by him. and one day we will receive our recompense. 

Elder Lulich