Monday, April 13, 2015

The Temple of Cordoba

I didn´t really realize it until this week, but I´m pretty darn lucky. I´m serving in a mission that will soon have the second temple of Argentina. That´s right, only two temples in the whole country, and I´m in the same area as one of them.

This sunday in church the members of the ward shared their testimonies about the temple. A few of them had the oppurtunity to take a special tour of the temple before the open house. I was amazed to see how grateful they all were for the blessing of the temple. Now that they have the temple close these members have the opportunity to perform ordinances for themselves and for their deceased family members; ordinances that will make it possible for them to draw closer to their Heavenly Father and live together forever as families. 

This next week we´ll have the opportuity to go to the temple open house with investigators and I have to say that I´m pretty stoked to visit the temple again. 

Ciao hasta luego

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