Monday, February 1, 2016

Training a Kiwi

This week was spectacular. My new companion Elder Fantham set foot in Córdoba for the first time on Tuesday. And who would have guessed that he´s from New Zealand. That´s right; he's not Latino, he´s not from the united states, he´s a kiwi (that´s what he told me is the nickname for people from New Zealand). I thought that it would be hard to train someone who´s native language is English, but it is surprisingly easy, especially with a companion like Elder Fantham. He knows why he´s here and is willing to do what he´s been called to do. He has no problem testifying of what he knows to be true and he already speaks and understands Spanish fairly well. He is a great missionary.
This Saturday we were able to have some great lessons. I don't have much time to explain how they went, but I´ll just say that it is amazing to see how quickly I can grow to love and to want to help these people. I love the moment when I am listening to someone talk about their life and I just think," wow I know exactly what you need, it´s the gospel of Jesus Christ."
I testify that the gospel is for all people.
Have a great week

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