Monday, January 25, 2016

The "Why" of Missionary Work

On Saturday Rocio got baptized! Woo! And this time we didn´t flood the church! Double Woo! Not very many members were able to show up because a lot are on vacation during this time of the year, but the other elders in our district were able to bring an investigator to the baptism and now she has a date to be baptized!
I think that the theme of what I learned this week was to get back to the basics. This week we were able to watch a worldwide training from the general authorities. Their words were very inspiring, but they didn´t talk about any new complicated program that we´re going to use as missionaries, they just talked about the basics. That and a few other things that I learned and saw this week made me look a little bit more at the way that I work and teach. I was able to think about the "why" of the things I do. It´s pretty simple what I do as a missionary. I´m here to teach the doctrine of Christ so that the people understand it and,  with the guidance and support of the Holy Ghost, put it into practice in their lives. Simple and easy. Basically anyone could do what I do. I´m not saying that it´s not special what I do. I´m honored for the calling that I have and the help of the Lord that I get, but I know that HE really is the one that makes everything happen.  

In other news, I guess I´m going to start training... tomorrow. Just about an hour ago the assistants gave me a call and told me that my companion will be headed off to another area to finish his mini mission and that I´ll be going to the mission home to wait for my new (really, really new) companion. So this is the start of another crazy week. 

Hope you all are doing great! Have a fun week!

Elder Lulich

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