Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Teaching Mercede

Week one with a mini complete! My new companion´s name is Brother Alvarez. He´s 17 years old and from here in the city of Córdoba. We´ve been working hard together here in the area, trying to build up a base of more progressing investigators. 
I don´t know if you all remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the brother that we gave a blessing to (his name is Mercede). Well we´ve continued teaching him. His health has improved a ton, he is starting to walk again and has a lot more strength in his arms. It´s really a miracle. I´ve learned so much from teaching Mercede. I´ve been able to see how the lord changes and heals people step by step, here a little and there a little. Mercede still hasn´t come to church, but I don´t lose hope that he will be there one day sitting with us. Every time we finish a lesson with Mercede, his wife (who is a member) walks with us out to the street. After every lesson she always tells us, "Wow, did you see how well he is, he´s going to make it. I know he´s going to make it to church, there´s nothing impossible for God."
After teaching Mercede a few times and hearing the sister´s testimony of faith after every lesson I realized that her words were for me. Her words and her faith were what helped ME have the faith to continue teaching Mercede even when he didn´t make it to the chapel on Sunday. I can now testify with Sister Mansilla that I know that Mercede will make it. One again I was able to be witness to the fact that missionary work saves and builds both the missionary and the investigator.       

Have a fantastic week!

Elder Lulich

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