Monday, December 28, 2015

I didn't end up getting transferred. But my comp Elder Gomez got sent to my last area Villa Dolores! Que Loco! I was pretty excited to hear that he was going there, I really loved that area. I´ll be staying here in Parque Liceo, another area that I love, with a "mini missionary" for one transfer. A mini missionary is a teenager who is preparing for the mission and wants to be a missionary for a month and a half. 
But things turned out as they usually seem to turn out for me and the mini didn't show up when we all switched companions. I didn't find out until later but my mini compañero isn´t going to show up until next Monday... Que bueno. In the meanwhile I´ll be working with another Elder (Elder Rodrigues, with an s, from Brasil) who is waiting for his mini, a little bit in his area and a little bit in mine. 

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