Monday, February 8, 2016

Note: Just so you know that phrase that was the title of last week´s letter "this guy´s a crack up" is said a lot in New Zealand. It was not a result of my bad grammar.  
This week was great. Elder Fantham and I had the opportunity to invite several people to be baptized. The baptismal invitation is always a key part of what we do as missionaries. Without the baptismal invitation and other commitments that we extend we would just be innefective teachers that tell people words that they can find in from other sources. Our objective isn´t that the people learn more about Christ, but rather that they learn more about Christ and though their ACTIONS draw closer to him. That´s why we always are inviting people to improve, to do more, to do things differently, because they only can build their faith in Christ through action on his word. 

Have a great week. 

 Me and my companion with Lucas Requena. A member who will soon be headed off to Brasil on his mission.

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