Monday, November 23, 2015

Fruits of our Labors

This week was fantastic. This Sunday we had the highest attendance of my whole time here in Parque Liceo. Some people who I had never seen in the chapel on a Sunday morning showed up to Church. And Elder Gomez and I had a new investigator there as well who is preparing for baptism. Her name is Lorena. It was a great feeling to see them all.
Recently we've been doing weekly Family Home Evening activities in the chapel and each week they just get better. This week a sister who is returning to activity came to the activity and brought a lot of her family with her. We had a great time there in the church talking about service and having an activity based on the story of the Good Samaritan. There was special spirit there in the chapel that night. When I left I felt that the activity had been a success. And that feeling was proven to be true when the people who went on Wednesday showed up at church Sunday morning. 
I know that Lord can bless us to see the fruits of our labors when we do our part. These "fruits" are a gracious gift from Heaven. As a missionary I know that the success that I see (when I am blessed to see it) is not mine to claim. Seeing people progressing in the gospel is a success as much for me as it for the people making changes in there lives. Overall it is a success for God and His work of blessing and saving His children. 
I hope you all have great week. And may you have the chance to see the hand of God in your lives.

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