Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Martin's Testimony

Something really cool that happened yesterday was that the new convert Martin shared his testimony in church. We had told him before sacrament meeting that he was free to go up and share what he felt, but I thought that he would be to scared to do it. I was really happy when I saw him stand up and walk to the pulpit to share his testimony. He shared with us the story of his conversion. How, after quite a while receiving the missionaries in his house, he finally decided to read and pray. He shared how the night that he prayed he had a beautiful dream and woke up with a special peace. That was all the answer he needed to know that the church is true. His testimony was very special and very spiritual because it came directly from his heart. And that´s what a testimony should be.
Here´s a picture, ask Kylie to translate it for you. In the house of a member I saw that they had a little thought bubble that said this so I had to take a picture with it.

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