Monday, November 30, 2015

Asking for Help

 What I learned this week is the importance of asking for help, and I had to learn it the hard way. On Saturday afternoon we had the baptism of Lorena. Saturday morning we were running around doing all the last minute preparations for later that day. The first thing we did was go to the chapel, clean out the baptismal font, and start filling it up. A baptismal font takes about 3.5 hours to fill up if you want warm water. When we opened up the faucet just a little stream of water was coming out so we figured that we would be fine to leave the water flowing while we did the other things we needed to do to get ready. So we left the chapel and focused on making sure that everybody came to the baptism that needed too. 
We got back to the chapel at 3:30 with Lorena. There were a few members waiting outside because we had the keys. As we walked in I told a member,"Let´s hope that the font hasn't overflown." And she called back to my companion who hadn't heard jokingly,"Elder the font overflowed!"
Then we walked around the corner and saw the water creeping down the hallway... The good news is that the chapels in Argentina don´t have carpeted flooring, all tile. The bad news was that we had to clean it up and it was our fault for leaving the font with the water running. Although it was a big mistake that we made, cleaning up the water also was a blessing in a way, because it was kind of funny to think about what happened and it helped me get out the stress that I had built up that morning. While we were drying the floor, a member told me, "you should have asked for our help. We could have stayed and watched the font." 
A lot of times I feel bad asking for help I think that I´m bothering others or that it would just be easier doing it on my own, but the truth is that asking for help takes maturity and wisdom. I also didn't realize it but other people are actually willing to help me, all it takes is the faith to ask. God put us all here together for a reason, we can be saved on our own, we will always need the help of others.  
After all the members helped get rid of the water we all sat down to watch the baptism. Everything turned out well and the spirit that always accompanies saving ordinances was felt once more. 
Have a great week and learn from your mistakes!
Elder Lulich  


 Here´s a picture of what we did last p-day. we made something called bombas de papas (potato bombs) they are breaded and fried balls of mashed potatoes stuffed with ham and cheese. mmm. it a super easy recipe that I´m sure that mom could find online if you guys want to try it. 


 This week I found m&ms in a grocery store. They cost quite a bit, but it was cool to see American candy. 

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