Monday, October 19, 2015

A New Start

This week Martín got baptized. We had the baptismal service on Saturday and it was really nice because a lot of the members came to watch and support Martín. I got the opportunity to baptize Martin. The original plan was that an elder who had served here before and taught Martin would come and perform the baptism. But on Saturday, about one hour before the baptism, he called and said that he wasn´t going to be able to make it. Martín said something that I really liked, he said, "there´s nothing stopping me now from being baptized. It doesn´t matter if Elder Souza baptizes me, whats important is getting baptized." He had it completely right. What´s important is being baptized and doing it for the right reason. Martin has told us in earlier lessons that he wanted to be baptized to show God that he really has made a change in his life. That´s what baptism is all about. It´s a new start. It´s a promise between us and God that we are willing to give up our worldly and sinful life and live a spiritual one instead. We promise that we will follow the commandments and teachings of his son Jesus Christ and he promises us that he´ll be with us in the path, guiding us through the power of his Holy Spirit. I know that everyone can benefit from this promise with God, being baptized in his manner. I know that the spiritual life that God offers us is really the only life worth living. 
I am so grateful for the opportunity to help people get to know their place in the plan of God. I wouldn´t trade this time for anything else.
Have a great week. 
Elder Lulich

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