Thursday, October 1, 2015

We've just started to work with a friend of two girls, Micaela and Candela that recently got baptized. This boy's name is Rodrigo and we are trying to get him to go to seminary with the girls. That´s how the girls ended up getting baptized, they started going to seminary and they ended up loving it. We are hoping that the same thing happens with Rodrigo. Seminary here is held in the afternoon after school three days a week. 
I still haven't gotten the things that you guys sent me. But that's because I only get the chance to see my mail one time each month, during the zone meetings. This next week we have a zone meeting and I'm hoping that the zone leaders bring the package. ¡Fingers crossed! 
It's good to hear that Zach and Emry are getting put to work. How did you guys teach me to love to dig? That´s something that I miss sometimes, being able to go out and take out a stump, or cut wood, or pull ivy.
Love you guys,

One of the families that we eat with every week. 

 The mountain where we went for p-day today. 

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