Monday, September 21, 2015

Rocking the World

This week I experienced my first earthquake. You all may have heard that there was an earthquake in Chile. Well it was strong enough to make the floor sway a little bit here in Argentina too. It was a little frightening but it was over in about three minutes so there was nothing to worry about. 
This Saturday we also had interviews and a little training from president Alliaud. I was feeling a little frustrated with the work here in my area. We've been finding a bunch of people to teach, but then they seem to disappear between the first contact and the first visit. It was making me feel pretty ineffective as a missionary. But I always love the training's that we get from president because he helps me change my perspective to see that this work is very gratifying. I realized as we were travelling back to our area that in this life we should be grateful for the chance to feel the heartache that comes after having done everything possible and still have things not turn out as planned. In these situations we are proving that we have righteous desires. So I shouldn't get frustrated with myself or with the area. I should just keep loving the people and giving them every opportunity (and the best opportunity) to come unto Christ.   So I'm really excited for what we can do this week. 
Have a good one!   

Here's me with the other famous missionary of the region, Cura Brochero

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