Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Endure to the End (of everything)

This week we had some tough days, but I have rule. Every hard day has to end well. For example Friday, in the morning all of the people that we contacted were pretty direct with us in telling us that they were not interested in hearing our message. That´s alright with me, it helps me not have to pass by another time and have them not be in the house. But it´s always nice to hear people who are a little bit more receptive. The whole morning went like that. And in the afternoon two of the visits that we had planned were cancelled. But we continued working with good spirits. We were able to have a great unplanned lesson with an investigator that we had found the week before. She really showed confidence in us and told us about the struggles she having right now. My companion and I were able to testify of the healing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it seemed to really help her. Then both Saturday and Sunday we had unfruitful afternoons, but were able to find new families to teach in the last contact of the day. This week I really tried to focus on not letting my fear overcome me. I have no problem contacting random people, but sometimes I pick the people I feel more comfortable contacting to talk to. But I know that the lord will help me and support me as I stretch the limits of my comfort zone.
I´m really growing to love the members here in Villa Dolores. I can really see  how much they desire that their little branch may grow and that their families may be strengthened. I´m glad to be part of the process that allows these things to happen.   

This picture is from today with two chicos that we made friends with. We had gone to a BMX park in the town and raced them a few times (they always won). 
 Here´s a picture of a member here. She is about 90 years old 
and her house is full of paintings that she has made.

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