Monday, September 14, 2015


This week I was able to sing to a few people in contacts and it was surprising the way that they reacted. I was pretty scared that we were just going to make them feel uncomfortable. It seemed that after we had shown our confidence in them by singing for them, they were able to have confidence in us and listen to our message. I suppose it´s part of exercising my faith so the people will exercise theirs. 
Another thing from this week is that Elder Garrett and I have started a propaganda called #MormonesNoMuerden (Mormons don´t bite). What we do is that we take pictures with people and then ask them to put them on facebook with the hashtag MormonesNoMuerden. We've only done it with a few people so far, but it´s a fun and easy way to get the members to think about missionary work. 
Yesterday I gave a talk in church. In this branch we are assigned to speak every second sunday for 15 minutes. It's a little nerve wracking, but I really enjoy speaking and if I plan everything out well then it's not hard at all to speak for the whole 15 minutes. I spoke about how the commandments of God are one of the forms that he blesses us. The commandments protect us and (together with the grace of Christ) allow us to progress. If we look at the commandments as a blessing then we´ll be able to walk in the paths of the Lord and find that we understand him a lot better. I hope you all have the help of the Lord this week. 

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