Monday, August 29, 2016

This week was fantastic. Here are some highlights
- On Monday we met a great new investigator, Jonathan. He is 23 years old and has been looking for something stable in his life for a while. He was super excited to here our message and is now preparing to be baptized.
- On Tuesday we went to the temple as a district. It was great to have that time to reflect and receive some guidance. Afterwards I was able to do two baptismal interviews for investigators of the other missionaries in our district.
- Thursday we called one of our investigators, Mirta to see when we could pass by.  We thought she wasn't really wanting to learn much more. We were surprised when she said that she had been feeling bad about the recent death of her mother, but she started reading and praying and thinking about the things we had taught her and she was able to feel better.
-Friday was a day of service. Elder Jackson and I left the house in the morning with our service clothes to cut up some wood for a sister that has a wood stove. But we were also blessed in the afternoon with the chance to do some service for the family of Franco and Analia, some investigators of ours. They had cut down a few trees on their property so we helped them put the branches in a huge pile to dry out for firewood.
- On Sunday we saw a huge miracle, Franco, Analia and their kids, Jonathan, Mirta and her daughter Paula, and Andres all came to church.

We have gotten to know some great people here in Carlos Paz. I am SO greatful for the steps that they all are taking to really draw closer to God and Jesus Christ. It really fills me with joy to see when people put the teachings of Christ into practice and can really feel like they are doing the right thing.       

I hope y´all have a great week.
Elder Lulich

 the district in the temple

 Me and Ciara, one of the daughters of Franco and Analia, on the way to church in their car 

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