Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Being a missionary really brings out some strong emotions.There´s a story in the Book of Mormon that helps describe how my companion and I felt on Sunday. In the story Moroni a righteous captain of a army was getting pretty ticked off at all of the people who were falling into sin and following an evil leader. He got so heated that he tore up his coat and wrote on it, "In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children," then went out among the people and shared with them that declaration. His actions were so impactful that many people swore to follow God instead  On Sunday I was getting ready to go Moroni and tear up my suit coat when our investigators didn't show up to church. Ha ha. I doubt I would ever get to that point, but it sure would be memorable huh? A North american missionary waving his ripped suit coat in a park in Argentina... Maybe we would get a few new investigators...         
Also a ray of sunshine: We were able to get together to teach Andres. Turns out that on Sunday  when he came to church he was with his girlfriend Valeria who is a member that is starting to come back. The two are new to the ward from another province and they are pretty awesome. Andrés is super willing to learn about the church and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. He came to church again this Sunday. He would like to get baptized as well, but him and Valeria aren't married  so that makes it a little difficult. But before we know it he´ll be dressed in white.

Have a great week and remember to be patient with others and their weaknesses. 

Here´s a picture of a birthday we went to. Someone turned 20.
 I let a few people know it was my birthday. My companion prepared a "surprise party" for me Saturday night. I knew that he was organizing it (he told me) but we agreed that I would pretend to be surprised when the family brought out the cake. We went to the Salgado family´s house. They are a big family of members that are always super nice to the missionaries.  I've got to say it´s pretty crazy  for me to think that I'm 20. It just sounds so...old.

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