Monday, August 3, 2015

Baptismal Interview Surprise

This week went by pretty quickly. On Tuesday night we took a four hour bus ride to get together with the other missionaries in the zone. We´re pretty isolated out here in Villa Dolores. 
 I have a bike now. It is so much nicer. Elder Aniel told me that I would get "thunder thighs" before the end of the transfer from riding so much. We baptize people here in the chapel of Villa Dolores. There are a few areas where the investigators get baptized in the river, but not here.  I´m doing pretty well with Spanish now. There are still some things that are hard to express, but I feel pretty fluent. 
On Friday the Zone leaders came to Cura Brochero with us to do a baptismal interview. The investigator was really ready for her baptism. She has been coming to church out in Cura Brochero for about 2 months now. I spent the day with one of the zone leaders and elder Aniel with the other. All of the plans we had made for that day fell through but success is a choice so the Zone leader and I spent the day contacting and talking to people in their doorways. We ended up finding several new people to teach, one who had even read parts of the Book of Mormon. When the Zone leaders had to leave we all got back together to get our companions back and I asked how the interview went. Elder Aniel started to laugh and said that the interview went great, but afterwards it came up that the investigator wasn't married she had been living with her pair for 30 years so we assumed they were married. So she wasn't ready to be baptized. This taught me a lesson that we really have to be preparing in every moment. Our mission president always says that we need to be focused on everything at the same time. That´s how real lasting growth happens. God often puts little tests like this to see how dedicated we really are to achieving our goals. It´s up to us to decide if the test will make us stronger.

Make your week great!
Elder Lulich
 We Played soccer with some of the young men this Saturday. 
 That kids arm is in a sling and he still plays better than me. Ha ha

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