Monday, August 31, 2015

A Successful Week

So here I am starting a new transfer with a new companion, but I´m still in Villa Dolores. My companion´s name is Elder Garrett and he is from St. Louis. He just got finished with about 7 months of working in the mission office, so he is pretty excited to get back to doing some regular missionary work. I'm sure that we're going to have a lot of success together. 
This past week was pretty awesome. On Wednesday we found out that one of our investigators, Martina received permission from her father to be baptized. Elder Aniel and I were super happy because it was something that we had really been praying for. Martina got baptized yesterday. The service was really special because she had many people in the church there to support her. Her uncle, who is a member of the church was able to baptize her and her aunt gave a beautiful testimony. It was also amazing to see how excited many of the members were for her as well.
It is so great to be part of God´s work. Not everything about being a missionary is easy, for example this week I was present when someone got word that her father had passed away. It was pretty hard to see how she took the news, and try to help. However there is a joy and a peace that comes from helping other people. I know that this Gospel is true. 
Have a great week

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