Monday, August 17, 2015

Hola Familia,
 About the Mother´s Day call.  I took the money out of the account and sent it off to the sister in Santa Isabel. But then at the Zone conference last week Elder Mendoza came up to me with the envelope with the money. He told me that he tried to give the money to the sister but she wouldn't accept it. she had written a little note and put it in the envelope. The note said that it wasn't necessary that I gave them the money because they receive enough blessings from God. (This is the family that also gave us lunch every single Wednesday). She also wrote that I should tell mom that she did a good job raising me. Thanks Mom, and Dad. 
Thanks for the emails too. It really is inspiring to see your positive outlook on the unexpected things that come up. I know that it´s the perspective that comes with the gospel.
I´m doing good. Elder Aniel and I have a lot of fun. Sometimes too much. I have to tone back my nonsense once in a while. I still haven´t gotten the package. We have to wait for zone meetings to get packages because the zone leaders get the mail from the mission home. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I´ll be getting a special lunch with the family of Micaela, the girl who got baptized when I arrived here.

I love you!

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