Monday, July 27, 2015

Cura Brochero

It always seems like the days and the weeks end with something special. I like to think that it´s God´s way of saying," Good work today." I mentioned in another letter that in this area we work with two branches one of 45 people and one of 15 people. The little group of 15 people live in a little town an hour by bus from where we live. This town is called Cura Brochero. It is named after a pastor who helped many people in this part of Cordoba and who is actually a candidate for becoming a saint right now. We can only work in this town 2 time a week because of the cost of travel and the time it takes. Because of the little time we spend there it is difficult to find people and help them progress. Yesterday after the service here in Villa Dolores we headed over to Cura Brochero to gather up the investigators to see who would go with us to church. We passed by all the people we had contacted and begun to teach and none of them were a able to go (or they didn´t want to go). The service was at 6 and it was about 5:45 and we decided to pass by one last person to see if maybe he could go. When we talked to him, Fabio, and told him that the church would start in 7 minutes he said, "Great I´ll go put a sweater on and we can walk over there." It really was a miracle because he hasn't been in contact with the missionaries for about 2 and a half weeks. 
One thing I've learned from the scriptures and my experiences here on the mission is that, in order to receive blessings, I need to show my sincere desire to the Lord through my efforts and obedience. In reality I can´t accomplish much on my own, I can´t control external forces to make things work in my favor. All I can do is try to align my will with the Lord´s, work as hard as I can, and wait in faith that the Lord will help me achieve my goals. That how we use the grace of Christ.

I wish you all a successful week
Elder Lulich
(And for inspiration during the week here´s a picture of my companion contemplating the sunset)

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