Monday, July 6, 2015

Power of the Scriptures

This week went by super fast. What I can remember from this week is that we committed an investigator to be baptized! The sad part is that I´ll probably be leaving the area this next week so I won´t be able to see him through to the end. His name is Walter Collante and he´s getting ready to be baptized the 18th of this month! This Wednesday we had a lesson with him and we discussed the gospel of Jesus Christ. To help describe the principle of faith I shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon, Alma 32:21. I read the verse to him and then started describing what it meant. When I began, Walter cut me off and asked me to read the scripture again. I read it again and this time waited to hear what he would say. He told us, "You know what? That´s true." We also met with Walter on Friday and something similar happened when we read another scripture during the discussion, Mosiah 3:19. This time Walter told us, "That's exactly what I was trying to say." These moments are just another testimony to me of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. And they are also a testimony to me of the importance of memorizing scripture mastery in seminary (Thank you Sister Doman). 
It's amazing to be working with people like this, people who are discovering the treasure that the gospel is, people who are humble enough to recognize their weaknesses, but at the same time brave enough to overcome them. 

Today we went to the Centro. This is a statue of San Martin: the Liberator of Argentina

I almost forgot about the fourth of July. I didn't remember until the zone leaders told me "Happy birthday!" and then started to sing the national anthem.

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