Monday, June 22, 2015

Lavando las Medias

This week started off with exchanges within the zone. I got to go south of my area to a place called Alta Gracia. It was a biking area and so beautiful. It reminded me a little bit of Oregon. 
Saturday was flag day here in Argentina and the ward had a Locro. Locro is one of the traditional dishes of Argentina. Its a squash soup that has a bunch of different stuff inside. On Friday night we went to help prepare the locro. The picture here shows me washing one of the ingredients, tripa gorda. Thats large intestine for the English speakers. MMMMMMMmmmmm....To prepare the tripa gorda for the locro I had to cut it into smaller pieces and then turn those pieces inside out. The nickname for this is "lavando las medias" or "washing the socks." It was pretty fun.

Me and my compi are working hard finding and teaching investigators. I think that the best part of teaching is when, in the middle of a lesson, I get a new idea or a new perspective on an old scripture that helps me apply the principle to the investigator. I know that these little revelations come thanks to the Spirit. This Sunday one of our investigators finally came to church with us. We really wanted her brother to come too, we've been teaching him for a longer time, but he says that he`s  not ready yet. I think that`s one of the hardest parts of the mission, getting people to come to church. After all that we can do, the person has to make the choice. 
I hope you`re all doing well! And Happy Father`s Day!

Elder Lulich

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