Monday, June 8, 2015

Stay on the Rock!

This week my companion and I talked with some pretty sad people. People who told us that it was hard to believe in God anymore because of the things that have happened to them. My companion and I did our best to help them, it also made me sad to see that they were scared to grab on to the very thing that would help them pull themselves out of their problems. What they need to know is that god always loves them and that this gospel is here to help us be happy in any situation that we may find ourselves in. That's the purpose of this life. We exist here on this earth so that we can find happiness. That happiness always comes from following the gospel of the savior Jesus Christ.
If you remember the parable of Jesus about the wise man and the foolish man: the wise man listened and followed the teachings of Jesus and thus built his house on a rock. The foolish man rejected or ignored the teachings of Jesus and built his house on the sand. Then the rain and wind came and fell on both the houses. The house built on a foundation of sand fell because of the storm while the house on the rock stood firm. A life in the gospel is not a guarantee that trials will not come. The rain falls on both the wicked and the righteous. The gospel is a guarantee that when the storm comes we will not fall. 
So if we are passing through a storm in our lives it is not the time to complain because the rain is falling on us and abandon the rock that gives us strength. We need to stay there! And if we are not building our lives on the gospel of Christ, we need to get ourselves on the rock, and quick!
All in all this was a good week. We found a new families to teach! I'm starting to feel much more comfortable teaching in Spanish and working together with my companion Elder Mendoza. Sorry I don't share more cool stories and weird traditions of the Argentinos, this week I'll try to do cooler things for you guys. Ha ha. 

I'll tell you a little about the food ... We do eat cookies here in Argentina, but sadly nobody makes cookies in there house so it's not the same. One of the vegetables that we eat here, but not in the states is called zapallo. It's a type of squash and it´s pretty good. I don't eat too many vegetables here. Sometimes I miss having a salad at very meal like at home.

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