Friday, December 9, 2016

We didn't really do anything special for thanksgiving here, but on Friday we had a Christmas conference as a mission. Well actually half the mission, all of the zones that are outside of the city of Cordoba got together. It was a lot of fun because I was able to see a a lot of missionaries that I haven´t seen for a while. And just like last year there was a talent show. Plus the missionaries of Cordoba made a Christmas choir just like the Easter choir last year. Elder Fantham, who I was with in Parque Liceo was in the choir. He is super 'talented musically and he had a few solos. It was cool to see him again. And our convert Jesica also came to see the choir so we all were able to catch up. good times.

The Baptism of Jesus
Well this week was great. And this week that we are in is going to be great. And the next one too... and the next one too.   
On Sunday Jesus Nieva and his daughter Valentina were baptized. It was a super special day. In the sacrament meeting before the baptism took place Valentina and her sister Zaira sang in the primary program. They are special little girls. It was only their third time in the chapel, but they were such good students that they memorized most of the songs for the program, and they weren't afraid at all to stand up in front of the congregation. Then came the moment for Jesus to be baptized. His mother had told us earlier in the week that he was very excited to be baptized and that he couldnt stop talking about it. We were also excited for him. I know that Jesus got baptized for the right reasons and I am excited to see him and Valentina progress now as a new converts.

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