Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This first week of the new transfer was pretty intense. My companion and I put our shoulder to the wheel and really worked hard to find new investigators. We talked to about everyone that we could in the street. We were rejected a few times, a few times pretty nicely and a few times not that nicely. But the majority of the people that we talked to were willing to here our message and set up another time to meet with us. Every day we got back to the pension exhausted. It was great. 
What made this last week even more intense was that it was the last week of the month and we wouldn't receive new funds until Monday. As they say necessity is the mother of all invention, so when we ate in our our apartment it was always a mixture of whatever was left in the cupboards. But don´t worry mom we all survived. It definitely taught me the importance of following a budget when it comes to what I eat. Maybe at home I would freak out in this situation (I did get close in a few occasions), but in the mission is the perfect place to experience hard things and learn from them. 

Have a great week everyone. (I won´t say "have an intense week" because I hope you don´t all have to eat what´s leftover in the cupboards).

Elder Lulich

 This was right before the wind picked up. We were walking down a street on the edge of town and the wind made the sand in the air almost-lethal.

 In the house of a recent convert named Ramon. He is the brother of Dimitrio, who was baptized not too long ago.

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