Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well one story I have is that this past week I had a terrible stomachache. I had eaten morcilla the night before (blood sausage) and I´m pretty sure that was the cause of my troubles. We took a taxi to our mission leader´s house because we were going to do a visit with him. I lied there in pain for a while and then hobbled to our appointment. We taught the lesson and the lady gave me an herbal tea to make my stomach feel better. After the lesson we took the bus home. It was kind of cool because right when I stepped off the bus I felt better. I was just glad that God gave me the strength to get through that lesson. 
As for the elections the people here are pretty interested also. The other day we were in the supermarket buying something for lunch and out of nowhere a lady came up to me and asked me who I would be voting for. I guess it wasn't that hard to tell that I´m from the united states. I told her that I wouldn't be voting and I didn't really have a preferred candidate. 
Congrats for the win Kylie! Good luck today! (Kylie's soccer team is going into the semifinals)
Well I think that the best thing that happened since the last time I wrote was our zone meeting last week. The different missionaries in the zone weren't getting along very well and there was always an air of contention when we got together. But yesterday in the zone meeting we were really all able to remember that we all have the same purpose as missionaries and that we are are all on the same team. There was a really special moment when we all got together and watched a short video and then all had the chance to share our testimony about the mission and why we are here. It was super special to here the stories of all of the Elders and see that we all are here for a personal reason and that we all have our own circumstances here on the mission. We´re not just a bunch of preaching robots. When everyone was finished there were a few dry eyes and I think that we were all much more unified. 
As missionaries we are all on the same team. We aren't working for our own benefit but rather to serve others and glorify Christ.

Have a fantastic week!
Elder Lulich

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