Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hola Familia. Estoy espectacular! 
Right now we've been working with the son of a less active sister named Kevin. He´s super cool. He's ten years old and is always cracking jokes and laughing. Just as an example of how cool he is, in one of our first visits to his house he put his hands flat on the table and asked us, "How many fingers are there? Now you´re not going to say ten now" (Kevin has a little extra finger on each hand). Now when we go visit him he has us give him high 6's. He´s so fun and also has the desire to be baptized. His mom wants him to be completely prepared for baptism and get to know well all of the gospel before being baptized, so we still were not able to set a baptismal date. Not being able to know when Kevin baptism will be was quite a test in patience for me, but I know that he will be baptized. 
Espero que estén muy bien. Los amo a todos! Besos! 

Here´s a picture of the elders in my pension in Carlos Paz. We went there today to climb a hill to a cross. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day to do it too. It had been cloudy all week but today we had clear skies.


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