Thursday, July 14, 2016

My new companion is great. He really just wants to baptize and is always talking about baptism with people. Sometimes in the contacts he has fun when people reject us or say that they aren't interested and just directly asks them if they would like to be baptized. Or if they would like to be baptized again. I´m not usually that direct with the people, but nobody has gotten angry at us yet. Besides being super stoked to baptize Elder Pereira is a great teacher and has a gift of creating a good relationship with the people in a short time. In just this week I've learned a lot from him. Like a few magic tricks to grab the attention of the people. Elder McCleve´s knee was better at the end of the week. I hope he´s alright in his new area. but I think it was riding on the bike here that was bothering him so he should be fine now. The work is going well. We´re still working with Kevin. Like I said before he´s great, but his mom still isn't ready to let him be baptized. And this week we've found several other investigators that I think will progress this transfer. We've also found other less actives that have children that haven´t been baptized. We call those families PFs. There are a ton here in Alta Gracia and Elder Pereira and I are working a lot with them. I like working with PFs because no one wants to be alone in the gospel. Everyone wants to have their family with them. and if we can help more of the family of a less active member be converted, everyone is strengthened and everyone wins. I´m confident that we are going to have success this transfer.  

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