Monday, June 20, 2016

Today is the first day of a new transfer. Elder McCleve left for a new area this morning. I'm going to miss that guy. But the farewell of Elder McCleve means that I have a new companion! My companion´s name is Elder Periera. he´s from Brazil. He´s the first Brazilian companion I've had. Maybe if I´m lucky I´ll be able to learn a little bit of Portuguese. At least I´ll be able to perfect my Brazilian accent. Elder Pereira seems like a pretty great missionary, I´m super excited to work with him. 
This week we were not able to work that much because Elder McCleve´s knee was super swollen. The highlight of the week for me was seeing the baptism of three of the investigators of Elder Aniel and Elder Teban, the two other Elders that live with us. The investigators, Juana, Celeste, and Antonella progressed very quickly. I remember two weeks ago when I went with Elder Aniel to a visit with them and we invited them to be baptized. The whole district went to the baptism and sang a special musical number. The whole baptism was even more special because the grandma and the two girls were the first baptisms of the branch Anisacate since it´s beginning 9 months ago.

 With Elder McCleve we started singing in the visits that we did with our regular investigators. I really could tell how it invited the spirit. We´ll see now if Elder Pereira likes to sing, or if I can teach him;).  
And happy summer to all of you too. Winter is starting down here. But it´s a nice winter. At least it hasn't rained for a few weeks. 

Until next week. Un brazo de Argentina

Elder Lulich      

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