Monday, May 30, 2016

So my comp and I became famous this week. Wednesday was the 25th of May, when Argentinos commemorate the day that the founders nation declared Independence from Spain. And every year on may 25th church members get together and celebrate eating locro, a traditional soup. a few weeks ago my comp and I had decided that we needed to do something special. So with the help of some members we took an old song called "zapatos rotos" and changed the lyrics so that it would talk about missionaries. It was quite a success in the activity. When we started to sing, a lot of the members laughed and joined in with us. After our song other members also started playing the guitar and singing popular songs of "folklore", a music style here. Some members also danced. The best part was that none of it was planned, but it turned out being a very special moment. 
Oh yeah, we turned famous afterward. A member filmed the song and put it on Facebook. It got shared around with the other members of the stake and the last time we heard, the video had about 4500 views. What?! That was a surprise. 
The other great thing that happened this week was the baptism of Lucas and Mateo. Lucas is 8 years old and Mateo is 11. They are the two youngest of a family of 11 kids, all members of the church now. We are working with the family now to help them all come back to church. I baptized Lucas and Elder Mccleve baptized Mateo. Lucas has so much energy. It´s been a new challenge to learn how to teach kids and think of how to keep their attention with games and pictures, but I love it.  
I hope you are are doing well. Have a great week
Elder Lulich       

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