Monday, May 16, 2016

Favorite moment of the week. In a visit to a recent convert we just happened to drop by when she had some relatives there. We had planned on watching the video of the first vision of Joseph Smith with her and after talking with the family for a little bit and getting to know them we decided to stick to that. After the video we asked the family members what they thought and what they felt and they began to ask us questions. My favorite moment was when the recent convert Claudia shared her testimony and helped answer the questions of her family members. I noticed that when Claudia spoke her familiy was really able to understand what we were teaching. It was really special to have that unplanned moment to testify and also to be accompanied in testimony by a recently baptized member of the church.
When we share the things that we have learn and felt from the holy Spirit we are strengthened and we can help others. I know that when it comes to testimony, when there is more given, there is gained. I know that this mission that I´m in is blessing my life and the life of everyone that listens to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I share. And I know that this message is the truth there´s no way I can deny it.
I realized just now that the only pictures that I took this week were of receipts of apartment bills so I´ll send you all pictures of last week´s p-day. We went to the sisters´ area, Santa Rosa, and hiked to a waterfall in the hills. 

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