Monday, May 16, 2016

this week has been one of many miracles. Elder McCleve and I were able to find a bunch of new investigators. What we did different was invite many more people to let us into their homes to give a prayer. One finding experience kind of surprised me. We knocked on the door of someone we had contacted last week and even though he wasn't there his family was. His mother opened the door and invited us in, we entered the house and I could hardly tell what was going on because the lady was talking about a mile a minute with us and her two daughters and grandchildren that were in the house. Just as a side note I´d say that one of the biggest lessons I've learned as a missionary how to listen, really listen to the people and figure out it what situation they are in. But anyway she gave us a cup of mate cocido and invited us to eat some pastries (which is basically the breakfast of Argentina). Once we were able to get a few words in, we found out that the family had met the missionaries before and had very special memories of them. We ending up having a nice talk with them about why we go to church, and now we have a time to go back this week. It´s amazing to live these little encounters that God plans for my companion and I each day as we talk to the people.
Below there is a picture of us with Gabriel and Yesica, a family that we have been teaching since the first week I got here. They've gone to church several times and are progressing very well, they've just got to get married! This Sunday Yesica went to the classes at church for the first time instead of just the sacrament meeting and it was so nice to see her there talking with the other members. They´re closer than ever. 
I hope you are all doing well. You have my prayers

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