Monday, May 23, 2016

I'd have to say that this week has been one of the best of my mission. On Tuesday I got to do an exchange with one of the zone leaders Elder Chapple and we were able to visit several of the people that we are working with right now. I learned so much about how to help the investigators progress and how to show my love for them. On Thursday we had a multi-zone conference and I learned a bunch there too. Leaving the conference I felt a little sad. It was one of the last conferences with Presidente Alliaud, he's going to be leaving in June. Presidente Alliaud is the best mission president he is really a friend of the missionaries and has a great love for us and trust in us. He always says," I trust in you because the Lord has trusted in you already." It was also sad because at the end of the conference we all listened to the last testimonies of the missionaries that will be finishing their missions this transfer. Among them were Elder Chapple and also Elder Hansen, my district leader in Parque Liceo. The biggest highlight of this week was going to the temple on Saturday to see the sealing of Ronan and Rocio. It was a surreal experience being there in the temple with them after having taught Rocio about a year ago. I was amazed by how far the two of them had come. Conversion really is a miracle. Ronan told me jokingly, as he had before, that it was all my fault and he´s going to show up in the U.S. one day to drop off his kids with me. 
I really love the mission and the chance it gives me to see the work of God more fully. 

I really hope you all have a fantastic week. 
Elder Lulich

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