Monday, March 2, 2015

Shall We Shrink or Shun the Fight? NO!

I just realized the other day that I´ve been a missionary for a month now. What? How is that possible. I still feel really new, but I guess it´s time now to drop that excuse that I´m a new missionary who doesn´t know anything and just start making mistakes. I trust that my companion Elder Sparks can fix it if really mess up bad. I´ve got to make him work somehow.
Things are going well here in Santa Isabel (that´s the name of my area). In this area we walk to all of our appointments and lessons so my legs are sore every day. At every house we go into the people offer us mate and juice, and I´ve enjoyed that. Yesterday I ate grilled cow intestine and it was pretty tasty. Also this week we committed an investigator and her nephew to baptism so that was exciting. We also worked on street contacting the other day. just walking up to people and talking with them about the gospel. Man is that a thrill!   
The other day I was reading in the Book of Mormon about an army of youth called the stripling warriors who fought for the liberty of their country. What was amazing about the stripling warrior was that none of them died in the fierce battles in which they participated. It was said that because of their great faith and their righteousness they were able to fight with the power of God. What impressed me about this story was that fact that even though none of them had died, they all received wounds from the battle. This shows me how dedicated they were to the fight. They did not avoid the fight, they were right there in the middle of it. What I got out of the example of these boy warriors is that I should not "shun the fight", I should be working with all the force I have and keep the faith that God will deliver me. And at the end I may have some wounds, times where I make a mistake, but I will receive blessings from God for my devoted service. 

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