Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Typical Day

My typical day here is: at 6:30 I get up, pray, try to muster up the willpower to do some exercises, eat breakfast and shower, pray, personal study, pray, sing a hymn, pray, companionship study, and pray. As you can see I´ve had a lot of practice saying prayers in Spanish, I think that I´m pretty good at it now. We always eat lunch in the houses of the members. Lunch is always the biggest meal. (I have had dulce de leche. It´s like a caramel spread that people put on bread and things around here. It´s true what we read before the mission that there is french bread at every meal). It´s nice to be with the members, because there´s less stress and when we share a scripture with them it´s like practice for lessons with investigators. Here in Santa Isabel we work with less-active members as well as non members. 

This past week we spent a whole day in exchanges. I stayed in my area, so I was the missionary in charge for the day. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from the other missionary. The missionary I was with really liked to contact with the Book of Mormon. He told me that the Book of Mormon is the best missionary, and I saw the truth of this in the success we had while contacting.  

 Service really does help you get to know and love other people better.  Another thing I learned this week (although it's pretty obvious) is that, although I'm a missionary now, that doesn't mean I can´t also be myself. Lately I've been pretty bothered by the other missionaries in my district. It just seemed like every little thing they did bugged me. I never got mad at them, but I was just not having much fun either. Towards the end of this week I've let myself relax a little bit more and let my weird side out too.

I can´t send pictures this week. I don´t know if I've said this before, but sometime´s we write from public computer´s called "cybers" and the one I´m at today doesn't have a USB port that works. So next week... 

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