Monday, March 30, 2015

Adjusting to Argentine Customs

How about I share some interesting things about Argentina with y'all.
One thing that´s different is that everyone says hi with a little kiss on the cheek, the beso Argentino it´s called. Another thing that´s different is that there are bars on all of the windows. Instead of using cars some people here go around with a horse and buggy type of thing. It´s kind of strange. I´ll try to get a picture of it sometime. Also the people here love to talk. I think that´s still the hardest thing for me, chatting with people. It´s like I have to listen so closely to people to understand them that by the time their done talking I then have to figure out what I´m going to say. It´s difficult to have a lively conversation like that. But I know that practice makes perfect, so I´ll just keep on trying to talk to these people no matter how awkward the conversations are. It´s starting to cool off here, I even had to wear a sweater one day.

One thing I really enjoy about the mission is that we get to study the scriptures for at least an hour every day. I love reading the scriptures now, but more than that I love studying them. The other day I was in my personal study, and I think that I was looking up cross-references for a scripture and Elder Sparks whispered to me, "Why are you breathing so hard?" I didn't realize it but I had started breathing as if I was exercising. Really I think I was just excited about what I was studying. I guess I´m just a nerd like that; once someone starts talking about the scriptures my heart starts racing. Ha ha. But in reality there is a power to reading the words of the prophets. It´s different than the excitement you get from watching an action movie. The power that comes from reading the scriptures and learning of eternal truths is a power that can actually help you change for the better. I know it because I try my best to live according to what I learn from the scriptures and I can see the difference. Wherever you are, I hope that everyone is safe and sound.

Elder Lulich    

For Zachary

Here´s a picture of our zone enjoying some tacos one p-day just before starting exchanges. And FYI tacos are not a normal Argentine food. I miss Mexican food so much! But Argentine food is pretty awesome too. There is nothing like the asados here.

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