Monday, March 16, 2015

Starting to teach Rocio

We got our power back on Wednesday. Apparently, the breaker got flipped! Ha ha. None of us knew where the breaker box was, so we didn't know that could happen. But on Wednesday we found it! We still paid the bills though. This is a picture of us sleeping on the roof.

Also on Wednesday I got to go to the new missionary welcome at the mission home. When I got to the mission home for the first time it was just me and my companion from the MTC so we didn´t get the special treatment that most of the new missionaries get. But this Wednesday the group after us arrived, so I went with my companion and had lunch at the mission home. It was cool to see the new missionaries. I knew exactly how they felt. When they walked into the mission home it felt so good, I wasn't the new guy anymore!

The door handle broke in Elders quorum Sunday and we spent 20 minutes trying to get out.

The work is hard. I still have a fear of contacting and my companion doesn´t really like doing it either so it's hard to learn. But I guess I've just got to jump in. Recently we've been teaching the girlfriend of a less active member. She wants to get baptized and he wants to come back to church. They have been reading the Book of Mormon together and they have a testimony that it's true. I´m sure that she will get baptized, but I don´t know when. She knows that baptism is a big commitment and wants to make sure that she is completely ready. That another thing that I´ll have to learn how to do, how to encourage people just enough without being too pressuring.
The other day I was watching a video of The District as part of my new missionary training and I heard something that I really liked. The missionary speaking said something along the lines of, "we have been given a part of the lord's vineyard and it's our job to care for it". I liked that because it gave me a new perspective on my area. I have the right and the responsibility to serve all the people in my area. So when I leave the pension everyday, every person I see is someone that the Lord has put in my trust.
Elder Sparks and I in front of the almost finished Cordoba temple.

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